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Get a cash advance from direct lenders. These are short-term short term loans from $100 - $1000 that you repay on your following payday. Also known as a check advance or payday loan. Apply with us today and we will attempt to get you a cash advance offer from a direct lender.

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How a Cash Advance Works

In order to be eligible to receive this short-term financing, the borrower will need to show an  income that is capable of covering the cash advance and the interest charged. 

Once you complete the loan application with your personal information we attempt to match you with one of the many direct lenders in your cash advance network. These payday lenders will hopefully make you a short term advance offer. You can choose to accept or decline any offer you receive.

Along with the online loan, the interest will be calculated and deducted from the next paycheck. It is the borrower’s responsibility to understand the viability and the eligibility of obtaining this short-term finance. However, it is beneficial to have a piece of knowledge on how to apply for this mortgage.

If you accept a payday advance offer from one of our direct lenders. The funds will be transferred to your checking account as soon as the next business day.

How to Apply for a Cash Advance Online?

The process of applying for payday loans is simple. When you complete the online application we instantly try to match you with one of our trusted loan companies that specializes in applications like yours.  


A direct lender cash advance is usually below $1000. The interest rate is usually pretty high so be sure you have compared all your loan options prior to settling for  high interest payday loans online. People choose these short term loans because they are fast and convenient, not because they are cheap.

Are Cash Advance Loans Legal?

Payday loans, even though they are short-term, there is legislation concerning the application process and sometimes the fees that can be charged. The requirements, rules, and regulations vary, sometimes to a greater extent between different states and provinces.

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In many states, financial departments which govern this procedure, cap annual percentage rate (APR) to safeguard the citizens or employees who rely on online lenders. Your state of residence may impact your ability to get short term financial help.

Who Borrows the Most Using Short Term Loans?

The details are based on the census taken in USA. Many females, aged between 25 to 44 years tend to borrow the most using short term credit. Generally people who make less than $40,000 per year and that have poor credit history. 

Are there Credit Checks?

There are no hard credit checks to get a cash advance from our direct lenders. Bad credit will not hinder your ability to get approved. Also, the application will not show up on your credit report. Once you submit the application you could receive instant approval and may be eligible for an installment loan. Some people prefer installment loans over cash advances.


Pros and Cons of a Cash Advance

If the borrower uses a cash advance wisely and with good intention then it can be a very useful financial tool. However, in every system, it has its own positive and negative aspects. At certain situations and perspectives, advantages will overpower the disadvantages and vice versa.


Loans from direct lenders provide assistance when there are no other options during the times in need. There are certain times in life when a person needs money immediately to settle the bills or for health care issues. If the person could not find a capable source to fund the their needs, a cash advance may be an option.

There is no complicated process in this system hence it is easy to obtain the loan. In many situations, while applying for finance or any other credit form, there is a lot of documentation involved and requirements. However, the simple format in this system makes it a hassle-free procedure.

Convenience, the less time it takes to get approved and grant the credit amount, the better. Along with the system being simple, it increases convenience. 


Due to the high interest charged, a cash advance is generally more expensive than alternative credit options. This is the main disadvantage of a payday loan, the expense.

Final Thoughts

Good and bad times are common to everyone. Bad times may especially come in terms of financial insecurity or worsening monetary conditions. In situations like this, when there are limited options to handle the financial burden, then a person will have to find different or the next best option. During those situations, payday loans will be an option a person can look to for assistance. Since this is short term credit, a borrower can decide and obtain this up to the amount, he or she needs. The convenience in the procedure will add more value to the system.

However, both parties which include the direct lender and borrower are obliged to each other. The lender should be professional enough to disclose all the required particulars regarding terms and conditions to the borrower. The borrower should also maintain the integrity of the agreement. 

A cash advance from direct lenders can be a useful tool as long as the borrower understands the terms of the agreement and is comfortable with the financial obligation.

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